Monday, August 13, 2007

38 more days!

Until another fabulous Disneyworld trip. Yeah, 38 is an odd number to mark, but I just realized that means it's less than 40 days until the trip! (Which means it's even fewer days until school starts!!)

Most of our arrangements were made back in April, especially dining arrangements. I think we made those immediately upon deciding on the trip dates. But we have to do that since we are going during the free dining promotion. Last year we tried to change a dining reservation with only 4 weeks to go before trip day and nothing was available even remotely close to what we wanted, so we stuck with what we had.

I've been just trying to prepare myself mentally for the next two weekends when I'm playing the piano both Saturday night and Sunday morning. What a stupid thing to do. At least once I get through August, I'm dumping one of my churches. Yeah, they pay well, but it's not worth the hassle to me anymore. Life's too short to spend working a job you don't enjoy and don't need -- carpe diem!

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