Friday, August 31, 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

Disney updates

It's now 24 days until Disney, and I have a feeling that fastpasses are going to be essential for riding the Haunted Mansion.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Finally, proof that Second Life isn't all it's cracked up to be

I wonder how many 2.0 librarians have read this? Wired magazine reports:
"Second Life partisans claim meteoric growth, with the number of "residents," or avatars created, surpassing 7 million in June. There's no question that more and more people are trying Second Life, but that figure turns out to be wildly misleading. For starters, many people make more than one avatar. According to Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life, the number of avatars created by distinct individuals was closer to 4 million. Of those, only about 1 million had logged on in the previous 30 days (the standard measure of Internet traffic), and barely a third of that total had bothered to drop by in the previous week. Most of those who did were from Europe or Asia, leaving a little more than 100,000 Americans per week to be targeted by US marketers."

Second Life has always been one of the pet projects of the 2.0 bunch. They maintain that librarians should be spending their time establishing library services in Second Life. I say, what rubbish! At least libraries aren't pumping as much money into Second Life as these big corporations are -- or are we?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another first day of school

Tomorrow is the first day of school again. This year the girls are supposed to get on the bus at 7:15 am, which means they need to be out of the house by 7:10 am! Spleesh! That's hard for a night owl like me. But I've been slowly trying to force myself to go to bed a little earlier every night for the past few nights.

It's hard, though, when you're a reader. Once you're into a book you just don't want to stop. At least I don't. Right now I'm reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I haven't been a big HP fan since Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. That's where I thought the whole series went downhill. But I've dutifully read every HP tome, just like all my librarian colleagues.

So far, I really can only say that I'm bored. HPATDH is just tedious. Well, every once in a while there are brief moments of action, of something that actually moves the story line along, but those are over all too quickly and we're back in the forest hiding again. Ugh.

I figure it's just Rowling's way of making the climax of the book happen in the spring like all the other books. Plus, now Harry and the gang know about some stone that will let them talk to deceased people, so at least Rowling has made it possible for her to use the same book structure as every other HP book, that is: a whole bunch of confusing things happen and then Dumbledore explains everything in the second to last chapter. Dumbledore always explains why bad is actually good, why up is acutally down, and why nothing is really going to be explained until the end of HPATDH. *sigh* Only 300 or so more pages to go....

(Hm, what did that have to do with the first day of school? Nothing, really.)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Have a magical day!

The Disney Blog has announced that it's having a contest! So here's my entry:

What is your favorite or most useful tip for guests of Disney's theme parks?

I don't know how useful this tip is, but I think it's something that is overlooked. Visitors to DW have such high expectations about being treated extra special that they don't consider their role in the scheme of things.

My tip is this: be nice to the cast members.

I know it sounds simple, but really, if you smile at cast members, acknowledge that they are there, they will treat you right. Never, ever turn away if you see a cast member heading towards you. Especially if they are wearing a white vest!

Once in MGM Studios, we were leaving a shop and I was tired and all of a sudden I saw a cast member with a camera approaching our family. My first reaction was "Oh great, one of those annoying 'may I take your picture' people, with the stupid photo card, yadda, yadda." But then something kicked in and I told myself that they were only doing their job and it wouldn't be right to just frown and turn the other way. I mean, how would I feel if someone did that to me at work?

Anyway, I quickly put on a big smile and looked right at the photographer who said "How would you like to be the Family of the Day?" Would we? Are you kidding?

It didn't turn out to be anything huge, but we did get a free 5x7 photograph of the whole family in front of the hat. And I always like to have pictures of the four of us at DW. Plus, I knew that it would be a good picture, since it wasn't like we just stopped someone on the sidewalk and asked them to snap a photo. (Sometimes those don't turn out so great.)

So while this may not seem to be a big thing, I do make a point to people I know that they should try to be just as pleasant to the cast members as they are to you. Who doesn't love to tell someone "Have a magical day!"

Monday, August 13, 2007

38 more days!

Until another fabulous Disneyworld trip. Yeah, 38 is an odd number to mark, but I just realized that means it's less than 40 days until the trip! (Which means it's even fewer days until school starts!!)

Most of our arrangements were made back in April, especially dining arrangements. I think we made those immediately upon deciding on the trip dates. But we have to do that since we are going during the free dining promotion. Last year we tried to change a dining reservation with only 4 weeks to go before trip day and nothing was available even remotely close to what we wanted, so we stuck with what we had.

I've been just trying to prepare myself mentally for the next two weekends when I'm playing the piano both Saturday night and Sunday morning. What a stupid thing to do. At least once I get through August, I'm dumping one of my churches. Yeah, they pay well, but it's not worth the hassle to me anymore. Life's too short to spend working a job you don't enjoy and don't need -- carpe diem!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Librarian stuff

Oh please, oh please, Annoyed Librarian, give me a post about this drivel. I was so glad you posted about this rot.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Only 91 more days until Halloween!

Why am I thinking of Halloween?

First, the Laughing Librarian linked to Boing Boing who linked to these awesome haunted books. I love decorating for Halloween and this kind of thing gets me going.

Second, my kids have already decided on their Halloween costumes. Michelle wants to be Link, and Hannah wants to be Midna. Link won't be too hard, at least, but I have no idea how to make a Midna costume!! HELP!