Monday, July 09, 2007

The drama

I swear I went back in time to high school yesterday.

My niece got dumped by her boyfriend of four years and so she wanted to spend the day at our house to get her mind off of it all. That's all fine, she's a delightful young woman and I was more than happy to be there to support her.

We had a nice day and she got a lot off her chest and I think she was feeling pretty good when the ex sent her a text message. He wanted to get back together with her and would she meet him that night, etc. I told her -- no! Don't do it. We "talked about it" for a while and I think I sent her off feeling pretty good about herself and prepared not to make any rash decisions. Hm, while I don't want to get sucked into a huge long conversation again, I do wonder what she did last night.

But during the day we discussed my upcoming 40th birthday and how I wanted to go to Disneyworld but my girlfriends who were also turning 40 did not want to go. So then the light went on -- my niece and I could go together. Perfect! Her birthday is a week after mine and she actually seemed excited about the idea. (Stay tuned to see how that turns out.)

But while my niece was still over, a friend of Dave's and his wife stopped in to pick something up. Now this guy's wife has the same birthday as I do -- the same year, too! So she thinks it's just great and that somehow she and I ought to spend ALL our birthdays together. I've only known her just a couple of years and while I get along with her, she's not in my top ten of people I want to spend my free time with.

She got back on the topic of "what are we doing for our 40th" and I tried to laugh it off saying that my niece and I had just decided that the two of us were going to Disneyworld! (Stupid, stupid, stupid!) So she says "Oh great! I'll come, too!" Um.... no, no, NO! Why did I open my big mouth. I back pedaled and said that I was holding out for my regular girls to plan a get together, that we were just thinking about it, etc. Argh! I am NOT spending my 40th birthday with anyone I don't want to spend it with! Is that so hard?!?!

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