Monday, July 30, 2007

If I were running for president (which I would never do)

You're Huckabee-Giuliani!

As Mike Huckabee, you feel a strong, almost ancestral link to Bill Clinton despite vast disagreements with his views. You have been running against the tide of your environment for as long as you can remember, and it's only made you stronger. You've shown an immense ability and willingness to change yourself, even down to your personal habits, for the sake of improvement. Deeply religious, you draw your inspiration from Christianity more than any other source. And now that you've lost weight, you may take up running.

You select Rudy Giuliani as your running mate because the world changed on September 11th.

Take the 2008 Presidential Ticket Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Spider-pig, Spider-pig

Does whatever a Spider-pig does. Yes, we went to see the Simpsons Movie yesterday. My review? It was excellent.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

3-D photo kit

This looks like fun!

Monday, July 09, 2007

The drama

I swear I went back in time to high school yesterday.

My niece got dumped by her boyfriend of four years and so she wanted to spend the day at our house to get her mind off of it all. That's all fine, she's a delightful young woman and I was more than happy to be there to support her.

We had a nice day and she got a lot off her chest and I think she was feeling pretty good when the ex sent her a text message. He wanted to get back together with her and would she meet him that night, etc. I told her -- no! Don't do it. We "talked about it" for a while and I think I sent her off feeling pretty good about herself and prepared not to make any rash decisions. Hm, while I don't want to get sucked into a huge long conversation again, I do wonder what she did last night.

But during the day we discussed my upcoming 40th birthday and how I wanted to go to Disneyworld but my girlfriends who were also turning 40 did not want to go. So then the light went on -- my niece and I could go together. Perfect! Her birthday is a week after mine and she actually seemed excited about the idea. (Stay tuned to see how that turns out.)

But while my niece was still over, a friend of Dave's and his wife stopped in to pick something up. Now this guy's wife has the same birthday as I do -- the same year, too! So she thinks it's just great and that somehow she and I ought to spend ALL our birthdays together. I've only known her just a couple of years and while I get along with her, she's not in my top ten of people I want to spend my free time with.

She got back on the topic of "what are we doing for our 40th" and I tried to laugh it off saying that my niece and I had just decided that the two of us were going to Disneyworld! (Stupid, stupid, stupid!) So she says "Oh great! I'll come, too!" Um.... no, no, NO! Why did I open my big mouth. I back pedaled and said that I was holding out for my regular girls to plan a get together, that we were just thinking about it, etc. Argh! I am NOT spending my 40th birthday with anyone I don't want to spend it with! Is that so hard?!?!

Twilight Princess - defeated!

The long journey has come to an end. I have once again defeated Gannondorf and made Hyrule safe for another day. The girls had been bugging me all day to play Twilight Princess and so finally at 10:30 pm, I caved. Actually, I had been dying to play all day as well, but there was too much other drama going on. (More on the drama later)

As for the final, final boss battle, it was totally fun! There are four stages to defeating Gannondorf:

Stage 1: Gannon's puppet - Zelda. No Legend of Zelda game is complete without a little tennis match and TP is no exception. But in this stage you have to actually fight against Princess Zelda! Gannon inhabits Zelda's body and shoots energy balls at you. Just avoid her attacks and hit the balls back and forth. You don't actually hit Zelda with your sword or anything.

Stage 2: Dark beast - Gannon. Gannon morphs into this big bull-like creature. He runs around and tries to smash you and everything else. This was a fun stage as you had to smack him in the forehead with an arrow then run around to his side to hack and slash. But at some point during the battle you have to switch to a wolf and Midna helps you to grab on to him to bring him down. Now I had Hannah there telling me what to do, so it wasn't that hard, but I don't know if I would have figured out how to defeat this stage on my own.

Stage 3: Gannon horseback battle. Frustrating! You and Zelda get transported out to Hyrule field. Gannon's on a horse and Zelda is on Epona. You have to ride around to Gannon and Z-target so that Zelda can hit him with a light arrow. Then Gannon's defenses fall and you have to ride up and whack him with the sword. The hard part was just getting close to Gannon. He jogged back and forth so much that I lost track of how many times I got knocked off Epona when I was soooo close. Grrrrr.

Stage 4: Dark Lord Gannondorf. Finally. Link and Gannondorf in a sword fight to the end. (Well, is it ever really the end?) This part was pretty fun, but you have to wait for the A button to change to "chance" so that you can lock swords and push Gannondorf over backwards to really get a good chance to hack and slash, and, ultimately, finish him off. So while it was fun, I found myself just watching the "A" button the whole time and not watching the action.

The cool thing is at the end you get to see Midna in her true form as Twilight Princess. She's cool -- oh yeah, she's a redhead too, so she's ultra-cool.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Indulge me a bit

Permit me to brag a little about my daughter, Hannah. This summer she has taken over the job of mowing the lawn. We pay her $10 every time she mows, and she actually does a good job with a minimal amount of complaining. (shocking!)

She has enjoyed having the spending money and blew her earnings right away on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Action Replay. But now there's not that much that she wants and she's just earning money with no concrete plans for spending it.

So last night we went to WalMart because Hannah needed new swim shoes and goggles. She was prepared to spend her own money on these items, mostly because she left her old swim shoes and goggles at camp. But as we were working our way around the store she says, "Can we stop and look at the play food. The church nursery has hardly any good play food." (She volunteers in the church nursery twice a month.)

So we picked out three different play food sets and I could hear her counting out loud trying to add up what she would spend on the shoes and goggles and how much she would have left over to spend on the new play food.

I told her not to worry about it; that I would pay for the shoes and goggles. If she wants to spend her lawn mowing money on new toys for the church, then I'm willing to pretty much buy her anything she wants.