Friday, June 08, 2007

Observations on the Baby Boomers

I'm getting ready to write a scathing post about the Baby Boomer generation. So I'm using this post to bookmark some sources I want to refer to later.

Earlier this week I attended one of these annual membership meetings of a library group I'd rather not admit to being part of. It was sort of an obligation thing, and I was hoping to booze things up a bit. Well, I got there too late for any boozing (I don't even think they served booze) and I even missed the food. Darn!

Anyway, there were awards presented followed by a program called "Dysfunction Junction". I know it was meant to be a light-hearted look at the sorry state of human behavior but by the end of the program I was actually incensed at the content.

The gist was to compare the 60's to today. The "good old days" vs the "screwed up world of today". The presenters would compare the names of popular groups in the 60's like "The Temptations" or "The Rolling Stones" to popular groups of today like "Third Eye Blind" or "Smashing Pumpkins". See, we're so crazy today that the names of musical groups don't make sense. That's why we're all living in "Dysfunction Junction".

They went on to compare TV shows, fashion, political figures, advancements in science, etc. each time demonstration that the 60's were an era of good things whereas today we're all selfish jerks. While it was sort of cute at first, I got more and more pissed off as the program wore on, because it offered no hope in the end.

When it came to inventions, the presenters pointed out that today we have the least practical, most self-serving machine in the form of: the segway. Who needs to walk anymore? The examples from the 60's were things like the computer mouse and the contact lens, you know, real things that really are useful and important. They failed to mention that Dean Kamen, was born in 1951, so that would make him a baby boomer!

That's what I want my future post to be on. For all the comparisons between the 60's and today, most of the stuff that the presenters poked fun at was actually a result of the baby boomer generation! So point the finger back at yourselves hypocrites!

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