Thursday, May 10, 2007


Don't be fooled by the above title. I'm not yelling "yahoo!" as in "Yahoo! I'm going to Disneyworld in 9 days!" (True statement, btw.) I'm singing the jingle from the ads on TV because those bastards over at Yahoo stole my thunder!

Well, sort of. Yahoo is running a commercial where two guys are hiking and they find a plant that starts eating the one guy. Then they start over, but this time the one guy uses his mobile device to search Yahoo to find out that the plant is deadly, so they steer clear of it. (I don't know if they commercial is for Yahoo the search engine, or SBC Yahoo the ISP, or the mobile device itself. It doesn't matter.

Libraries, take note! This was my marketing plan all along! We're running a word of mouth marketing campaign encouraging library users to have the library's phone number in their cell phone. That way you can call us from anywhere, any time you need information. For example, when you are out hiking and don't know if a plant is deadly or not.

Imagine instead the same commerical but this time instead of looking up Yahoo on the mobile device, the person just called the library. (Note to self: maybe we should start doing some videos on Youtube. Maybe I can get the summer teen volunteers to do it.....)

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