Friday, May 04, 2007

Today no one can touch me

After a day like yesterday, I encourage anyone to try to ruin my good mood.

I played the flute for my church's National Day of Prayer Service last night. After the service, I was chatting with a couple of friends when another woman approached us.

She said "Oh, you were the flute player tonight. It was so nice. Now, are you in high school or college?" Right as she was saying that, Big D and the girls came walking up, but the damage was done.

I just smiled and said she was my new best friend. I introduced my husband and kids (aged 12 and 9) and told her I had been out of college for a little while. Heh, heh.

I love to joke with the girls that they should say I'm their sister. It's nice to know that once in a great while I could actually get away with it.

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