Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The agony of defeat

The library referendum was soundly defeated yesterday. Only 30% for and 70% against. Ouch! That's pretty desicive, if you ask me.

Now, there were some dirty tricks afoot, to be sure. With the local, local paper printing a huge last minute article that was nothing more than the text of a couple old memos where the staff was directed to utilize all of the shelving in the library to emphasize the size of the library collection. A couple of the "bigger" papers took the time to get comments from my boss first, but this one was a low blow.

Now, did it really influence the election? In reality, we'll never truly know 100%, but with this being the third failed referendum in four years, and a rather vocal opposition, the cards were stacked against us from the get go. I can't say I'm entirely surprised we lost.

The funny thing to me is that one staff member actually asked if this defeat meant that I was going to move on to another library. I've been making the joke: why, is Schaumburg hiring? Hm, it took me almost two years worth of interviewing to land this job, why would I leave? But maybe that's why my predecessor left. Who knows. Who cares?

Ultimately, my yesterday didn't end too badly. Two Leinies, a glass of chocolate raspberry wine, it all makes the pain go away. And after the board meeting tonight, I'm off for frosty cold margaritas!

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