Friday, December 22, 2006

Fun with slides!

It was a pretty slow day at work. With about an hour to go in the day, I stumbled upon the manual for the flatbed scanner. I hadn't had a chance before to see if the scanner was capable of scanning slides, and it turns out the scanner is capable of scanning slides.

It's cool because the library director showed me the "historical" drawer with about 10 carousels worth of slides. Apparently, the library doesn't own a slide projector anymore, so the library director told me she wasn't sure what to do with the slides.

Enter a techie/geek like me and I know exactly what to do with them! Since it was a slow day and we were operating with a skeleton staff, I set about scanning the slides.

What's great is that the library does have a good index to what is on the slides. Each slide is numbered, and the Reference staff have the index that says what is on each slide and when the picture was taken.

So I'm thinking that, armed with that information, and the ability to go from slide to digital image, we're ready to get ourselves a flickr account and start making those photos public!

I hope my boss will be as excited about this as I am!

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