Monday, October 09, 2006

The big letdown

Wow, it's been an unbelieveable three weeks since I've posted.

To summarize:

The trip to Disney was awesome! HOT, but awesome.

The job interview went pretty well, I think -- but I always think my job interviews go well, then they never pan out.

The conference in Salt Lake City was kind of a bust. I was bored, lonely, cranky, and the whole time I was thinking about everything that needed to get done at home.

The reality of open enrollment looms over all. We've always socked away money in day care flex spending, but now that braces are on the horizon, we need to utilize the health care flex spending. Any hope of either of our paychecks going up is always negated by the need to have more money taken out pre-tax.

The day after tomorrow, I get started on my new crown. My tooth is finally starting to hurt, so I'm looking forward to getting it over with. But I'm not looking forward to paying for it or the discomfort that is sure to ensue while I adjust. At least my dentist is super nice, so it's not so bad. (Plus, he's SUPER cute!)

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