Monday, August 14, 2006



We finally decided to send the kids to St. Peter for school this fall. There was a momentary flurry of paperwork, followed by the hassle of school supplies, but we've got orientation on Thursday, so things are falling into place.

We still need to find a piano teacher, and I am hoping to figure out how I can fit back in to our new/old church.


I pretty much ran the whole gamut of emotions when I learned that the job I interviewed for was offered to someone else. So that makes 3 really serious interviews in 8 months. That may not seem like a lot, but each time I had my hopes up pretty high, plus I sent out a few resumes that got no response at all.

Then last Friday another Assistant Library Director position opened up. One that is geographically good, with a slight increase in salary. The thought of writing another stinking cover letter and going through that whole interview process has got me exhausted already. I'm sick and tired of being rejected, but I don't feel I can complain about my current job without at least trying to get out when I have the chance.

I called JKS Wilder the other night, out of the blue. I don't call my friends all that often, especially the ones whom I consider to be my closest friends. Does that make any sense? No, it doesn't. At any rate, we had a lovely conversation and but it made me miss her terribly.

Our Gamecube has been spending the summer at my in-laws house, so I've gotten back into playing Dark Cloud 2. I'd forgotten how much fun it could be. There's really nothing better than wiping out a few dozen baddies to get your frustrations out.

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