Monday, August 21, 2006

Third time's a charm?

I just applied for yet another library job. Let's see, I had one interview in December of 2005, one interview with follow up interview in January 2006, a phone interview in March 2006, then one more interview with follow up interview in July 2006. So I made it to the short list twice, but I can't seem to figure out why I'm not landing these jobs.

But last week another assistant library director position opened up. I felt obligated to apply, though it was hard to write a very enthusiastic cover letter. I'm completely discouraged by this crappy job hunt. I'm tired of it all, but I'm also tired of my current job. But I figure I can't complain unless I'm also doing something about it.

Sure I'm being deliberately vague, even though no one reads this blog. What would my ideal job be? I think I've got one in mind:

Systems support. Our library system has a shared ILS, and I could be the go-to girl for the member libraries. I'd like to travel to each member library to train staff on using the system, help catalog materials, and assist with technical support issues as well. I'd help profile new consortium members, assist with retrospective conversion, and in general help libraries make the most of the ILS.

Okay, two good things about my current job:

1) I've been thinking a lot about my library's current ILS setup. I think it leaves a lot to be desired. I am looking forward to our upcoming system migration, as it gives us a chance to sort of start over.

2) Since the person who was in charge of ordering general supplies managed to escape the clutches of the library by quitting, the responsibility for general supplies has fallen into my hands, temporarily. (At least I was told it was temporary.) What this means is more power for me.

We have these horrible cabinets of despair that hold all sorts of office supplies, some from the 1970's, but no one can bring themselves to throw out a box of stickers that we no longer use, even though the adhesive has dried up and the box is decomposing. But now they are officially under my power and thus begins the great office supply purge!

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