Thursday, August 24, 2006

I should be a nicer person

A patron had brought in a printed resume from a while ago and wanted to type the resume up in Word. She was having great difficulty using Word and after about an hour, only had about a paragraph typed up.

One of the reference librarians came to me asking if we could scan the resume so that the patron could just edit it. Of course! was my happy reply, just come on down and fire up the scanner and I'll show you how.

So we scanned the document and the reference librarian sat there and proof read the whole thing before saving it onto a disk for the patron. I think she even did all the editing to make it look like the original resume. The whole time I'm thinking that's really going above and beyond to help someone. I personally wouldn't take the time to do it.

About an hour later the same reference librarian calls me and I roll my eyes as I answer the phone thinking I just want to be left alone with my cataloging. But it turns out the patron with the resume from earlier was so grateful that she brought in a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee and tea to thank us for our help.

I did eat a donut (which is nice, since I don't have anything for lunch) and I'm drinking tea now (which is also nice, since I have a cold) and I'm feeling very humbled.

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