Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why will this day never end?

It feels like it has been 3:55 pm FOREVER! Yeah, it stinks working the day after a major holiday. I'm nearly out of my mind!

Today I:
  • Pulled more VHS videos for weeding
  • Deleted some horrible looking paperbacks
  • Cataloged my "Instant Immersion Japanese" oddballs
  • Created items for the Children's department Apple order
  • Created a new user for Ingram iPage
  • Gave someone a form for an Internet email account
  • Ran a report of old, old, non circulating fiction
  • Opened boxes
  • Submitted an order for color toner cartridges
  • Submitted an order for replacement CD lids
  • Assisted the "appraiser" in finding asset tags
  • Cataloged new videos

The bad part is I'm not all that much more excited about leaving the library.

I stripped wallpaper over the weekend and got the bedroom 1/4 painted yesterday. I'm painting the top half of the wall a cream color and the bottom will be a dark, barn red.

I got the first coat on the top half done, but had a couple of spots where I did a lousy patching job, so I can't paint again until I get those spots fixed -- oh, and buy another gallon of paint. (I knew one gallon wasn't going to be enough!) It's going so slow because I'm on my own for this paint job, my husband isn't helping AT ALL. I can't blame him TOO much since I've barely lifted a finger to help him replace the interior doors and trim. But he started his project a year and a half ago and still isn't done, whereas I figure I should be done (worst case scenario) by the end of July.

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