Monday, July 10, 2006

Just another manic Monday

I'm so freaking irritated today. Bad sign for a Monday, eh? It's not just this crappy job, it just feels like I have no balance in my life. If I could just point to one thing in my life that I could say is going well, I would feel better.

Uppermost in my mind right now is school. We are fortunate enough to be able to send our kids to a Lutheran elementary school. However, we're just not entirely pleased with the administration of the school. The school board seems very close minded and we are not happy with the homeroom teacher assigned to our 6th grader and when we requested a change, the response was very resistant. Now my husband just hates the teacher she's been assigned to. I just know that if our request for the other homeroom teacher is not honored, we will not send our daughter there.

There are other Lutheran schools in the area, including the one where we used to be members, the one where our kids were baptized. I was very involved in the music ministry and had many good friend and hated leaving. The only reason we left the old church for our current church is because of the school's reputation. Well, I think that reputation is fading, or else we're just finding out that the school isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

What's bothering me most right now is just the not knowing. I am not a patient person, and not knowing exactly where our kids will be going to school this fall is already getting on my nerves. We are setting up an appointment to visit our old church's school and see how we like it. My husband has suggested sending our 6th grader to one school and our 3rd grader to another, but I just think that's way to impractical. It's got to be all or nothing.

If I had to make a decision today, I would pick St. Peter. After all, we live right here in Schaumburg, don't we? The kids that attend St. Peter will more than likely all be going on the same high school, too. Doesn't it make sense to get our kids integrated into that group?

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