Sunday, July 16, 2006

Boozefest '06!

I think I drank more booze in the last 5 days than I have all year.

Last Wednesday we went to the Flyers game. Forget hotdogs and nachos, give me some of that sweet sweet beverage that makes me forget all my cares. Okay, so it was like three beers. Two and a half, really. But for me, at my age, beer just has too many calories than I'm prepared to burn off.

Then Friday night big D and I went to a wedding. Open bar? Gin and tonic, and make it a double, please? Wine with dinner? But of course! What? I'm the only one drinking the white wine? Impossible. There's half a bottle left!

In my defense, it's been a helluva week. Oh, Monday and Tuesday were the usual crappy days at work, but then Wednesday all heck broke loose.

Wednesday morning -- meeting in North Aurora followed by a follow up interview in Lombard. One of my co-workers was attending the meeting with me so I had to lie through my teeth as to why I wasn't coming right back to the library. Then Wednesday night was the ball game.

Thursday morning at 8 am, big D and I met with the principal at St. Pete's. Then I had to rush off to Geneva for a riveting meeting to discuss the ramifications of the Library of Congress's series decision. (Why don't those bozos have an RSS feed?) The highlight of Thursday was the long lunch I had after the meeting. (I'm not being sarcastic here. It was one of the most fun lunches I've been on in a LOOOONG time.)

Friday meant actually spending time back in the library, but at least the director was out of the building. Then I had to cut out early to get ready for the wedding Friday night. I got home to find that big D coudln't find any of his ties. What's up with that? His suit was dusty (then you'd better clean it up, I've got makeup to put on!) then between the church and the reception hall his shoes fell apart. Yeah, that's right. The shoes are ancient and the last time he wore them was my grandfather's funeral 7 years ago, so the stitching actually gave way and we had to go buy him new shoes in between the church and the reception. (My husband, the Rhodes scholar.)

Saturday meant getting started on painting the lower half of the bedroom walls. At least that went smoothly. I finished up the second coat this morning and I love it! It's a dark red -- barn red I keep reminding my family. So with the bedroom finally painted, I can turn over the rest of the trim and baseboards, confident in knowing that I have done everything within my power to see the door project to completion within my lifetime. Time for some more booze!

Friday, July 14, 2006

From the "what were they thinking?" department...

This is how NOT to carpe diem. Embarrasing...

More career advice I can actually use!

Annoyed Librarian's Guide to Public Service

My all-time favorite tip, the one where I laughed out loud:

Another good response for the really irate: "You'll just have to take that up with the director." "Whatever" also works. ("What bonehead is responsible for this mess?" "You'll have to take that up with the director." “I am the director!” “Whatever.”)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Radar image has some bugs in it, literally

Okay, I know I'm on a bit of a pity party, but at least I don't have to deal with this.

Just another manic Monday

I'm so freaking irritated today. Bad sign for a Monday, eh? It's not just this crappy job, it just feels like I have no balance in my life. If I could just point to one thing in my life that I could say is going well, I would feel better.

Uppermost in my mind right now is school. We are fortunate enough to be able to send our kids to a Lutheran elementary school. However, we're just not entirely pleased with the administration of the school. The school board seems very close minded and we are not happy with the homeroom teacher assigned to our 6th grader and when we requested a change, the response was very resistant. Now my husband just hates the teacher she's been assigned to. I just know that if our request for the other homeroom teacher is not honored, we will not send our daughter there.

There are other Lutheran schools in the area, including the one where we used to be members, the one where our kids were baptized. I was very involved in the music ministry and had many good friend and hated leaving. The only reason we left the old church for our current church is because of the school's reputation. Well, I think that reputation is fading, or else we're just finding out that the school isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

What's bothering me most right now is just the not knowing. I am not a patient person, and not knowing exactly where our kids will be going to school this fall is already getting on my nerves. We are setting up an appointment to visit our old church's school and see how we like it. My husband has suggested sending our 6th grader to one school and our 3rd grader to another, but I just think that's way to impractical. It's got to be all or nothing.

If I had to make a decision today, I would pick St. Peter. After all, we live right here in Schaumburg, don't we? The kids that attend St. Peter will more than likely all be going on the same high school, too. Doesn't it make sense to get our kids integrated into that group?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Weekend to do's

So much I want to accomplish this weekend.

Finish painting the top half of the bedroom walls (I have to buy more paint to do this -- which I knew would happen. I hate running out of paint in the middle of a project. It doesn't seem to bother my husband if he has to run to Home Depot in the middle of a project, though. Must be a guy thing.)

Donate blood. I had low iron the last time I tried to donate, back in June and haven't made it in to try again. Lifesource has been calling me to reschedule, but I'm just so freaking exhausted by the time I get home from work. I know it's a lame excuse, because I really believe in giving blood.

Take the kids to the pool. Here it is July 7 and we haven't been to the pool yet. The girls have been swimming, of course. They went swimming at camp and used the neighbor's pool, but we haven't gone to any community pool yet this summer.

Pay bills and balance the checkbook. Oh joy. I can't really say which one I hate more: paying bills or painting.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why will this day never end?

It feels like it has been 3:55 pm FOREVER! Yeah, it stinks working the day after a major holiday. I'm nearly out of my mind!

Today I:
  • Pulled more VHS videos for weeding
  • Deleted some horrible looking paperbacks
  • Cataloged my "Instant Immersion Japanese" oddballs
  • Created items for the Children's department Apple order
  • Created a new user for Ingram iPage
  • Gave someone a form for an Internet email account
  • Ran a report of old, old, non circulating fiction
  • Opened boxes
  • Submitted an order for color toner cartridges
  • Submitted an order for replacement CD lids
  • Assisted the "appraiser" in finding asset tags
  • Cataloged new videos

The bad part is I'm not all that much more excited about leaving the library.

I stripped wallpaper over the weekend and got the bedroom 1/4 painted yesterday. I'm painting the top half of the wall a cream color and the bottom will be a dark, barn red.

I got the first coat on the top half done, but had a couple of spots where I did a lousy patching job, so I can't paint again until I get those spots fixed -- oh, and buy another gallon of paint. (I knew one gallon wasn't going to be enough!) It's going so slow because I'm on my own for this paint job, my husband isn't helping AT ALL. I can't blame him TOO much since I've barely lifted a finger to help him replace the interior doors and trim. But he started his project a year and a half ago and still isn't done, whereas I figure I should be done (worst case scenario) by the end of July.