Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up chocolate

What a week! (and it's only Tuesday)

Last Thursday the floppy drive on a public PC failed. I told the staff (2 people) on duty that I was taking the PC "in the back" so that I could work on it. One of the staff working said that she would put an out of order sign on the monitor. I said that would be great.

Problem is, she never did it. And neither of the staff working informed the next shift that I had taken the PC, so when the next staff member came on duty -- without bothering to ask anyone what happened -- reported the PC stolen to the police. A flurry of calls ensued, and it was my husband who got ahold of me on my cell to tell me that the library had called our house. (I was out getting a massage -- heavenly!!)

Anyway, I quick called in and cleared everything up. Nothing more was said to me by anyone but the staff members' supervisor who told me that they were both being "written up". I didn't think it was necessary, after all, no harm was done, but that's not my call.

The good news is I got the replacement drive in just fine, installed it, everything is great. Dell tech support was simple to use, and provided extremely timely service to me. Kudos to Dell!

Then yesterday the display stopped working on one of our Gateway Profile public PC's. This seems fairly common with the Profiles. Unfortunately, the machine is out of warranty, so I really have to decide how to proceed. Is it worth getting it repaired? But wait, I brought the PC "in back" and turned it on and, lo and behold, it works! Great, I've never been more disappointed that something actually worked.

In the meantime, one of my own staff members reports a problem with the typewriter, a messed up spreadsheet and problems with labels. Okay, this staff member is the thorn in my flesh. She's sooooo close to retirement that she just doesn't care anymore. She only does the bare minimum of what's required of her. Even as I've added responsibilities, somehow she still has plenty of time for web surfing. Plus, she just doesn't get along well with technology of any kind. I feel like I'm constantly helping her out of jams. (Why, oh why won't she just retire?)

The one good thing: my boss is down at the ALA conference and won't be back until Thursday. (Black Thursday as we like to call it.) Here's hoping she got all her crazy liberal left wing rantings out of her system for a while.

But then Thursday my husband and kids are leaving town for almost 4 days -- oh the glory! 4 days to myself??!! Oh, it will be glorious!!

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