Friday, June 09, 2006

From the "eeewwwww" department...

Today I installed a new printer for our publicity person. It was a little bit bigger than her old one, so I had to clear off a little more space on her shelf.

When I moved her paper file I found more dried up coffee than I care to ever encounter in my life. Ew. So I dutifully cleaned that up, since I think it's disgusting to put new computer equipment on top of old dirt.

But that's not the gross part. The gross part is that as I sat waiting for the software to install I noticed two old Burger King burger wrappers on the shelf below the printer. Not nice, new wrappers, like she was actually going to do something publicity related with them, but used burger wrappers, like she had eaten her lunch in front of her computer and was too lazy to throw the dirty wrappers in the garbage can that was located two feet behind her.

Now, come on. How lazy and disgusting do you have to be not to throw away burger wrappers with ketchup and cheese still on them??

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