Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dodging bullets #1

My husband has been working with his father to help his old grade school in Indiana get an updated computer lab. He had scheduled this weekend to go down and get everything finished up. He was also going to take the kids with him on the trip, leaving me with essentially 3 days of glorious solitude!

Then last night he got a call. There was a problem. My father in law couldn't get a PC connected to the server. He would contact tech support and see if they coudn't get it resolved. So the trip was now in jeopardy of being postponed until a time when I could actually go along.

But my husband spent two hours on the phone with his father this morning and they think they got everything resolved, so the trip is back on!! Hooray!

The last remaining glitch involves getting my own parents to leave town as well. They've been out all week helping run the kids to swimming lessons and will go home to Iowa tonight. I was hoping they would leave town when the rest of my family did (before I get home from work) but they want to stick around and have dinner with me and leave closer to 7:00 pm in an effort to avoid traffic.

Well, it's not like you can tell your parents that you want them to leave, so I guess that's all fine.

What am I planning on doing with my time? I am planning on stripping the last remaining original wallpaper in the house. Now, it may seem illogical that I would want my parents to leave, considering that they could help me out on the wallpaper, but I just work better alone. Plus this way I can always change my mind about the wallpaper project if I like. But I probably won't since the Gamecube is at my brother in law's house anyway.

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