Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Not-surprising test results

Blog Guru
Blogs are nothing new to you – you've weathered your share of blogstorms and maybe even started a couple yourself. You may remember reading "weblogs" in 1997, when Jorn Barger started "logging the web" in Robot Wisdom. Since then, the "blogosphere," the total of blog-related websites, has exploded. As a blog guru, you've probably encountered blog novelties out such as the milblog, a soldier's military chronicle. "Dark blogs" are no mystery to you either – you might even be a member of these hidden, invitation-only websites.

Blog Style
Your blog style takes you beyond the fluff of the blogosphere and into the substance. Blogs can be a powerful and informativeresource. Some blogs pool collective wisdom; others pull readers together for collective political action. Many blogs sprouted up during the Iraq conflict to provide grassroots news coverage. Blogs give everyone a chance to be heard, even the trolls (disruptive bloggers). Of course, you can always "blurk" – listen without posting – instead. However you participate, it's an interesting ride.

Blog Junkie
Your blog probably hasn't yet made a splash on blogrolls (lists of links on a blog) everywhere. You've yet to be the target of a blogfoo (oblique reference in a blog post). Blog junkie or not, you'll find your niche in the blogosphere. Karyn Bosnak found hers through simple chutzpah. A taste for Prada had landed Karyn in $20,000 credit card debt. Miss Karyn launched a thread on savekaryn.com to "bleg" (beg on a blog) for cash. Six months later, she was back in the black.

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