Sunday, December 11, 2005

Best Christmas present so far

So I haven't yet had my groovy new HP iPAQ hw6500 a full week, but I am sooooo all about it. A few weeks ago I finally gave up Thunderbird for my email program, mostly because I had a feeling that I was getting some type of mobile device for Christmas. So now I'm an Outlook user (*sigh*) but I have to say it's working out really well.

With the kids starting to have more and more activites that take place at different times, I needed some way to keep the home/office schedule in sync. I think I'm going to need either an additional cradle so I can sync the iPAQ with my PC at work, or I'm going to need to finally upgrade my office PC so that I can just use bluetooth to sync up.

Ah, I've been putting of replacing my PC at work, though I've forgotten why. Oh yeah, because I've been on the committee to pick our next ILS. And replacing all the other crappy PC's in the library. Well, it's my turn next, baby!

Anyway, back to the iPAQ. Did I mention it's also my new cell phone -- awesome! The only think my iPAQ needs is the wireless networking so that I can surf from just about anywhere. Then I'll have to get some more disk space so I can store more than 5 songs on it.

I know my family bought me other things for Christmas, but I just can't see any of them topping my new toy.

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