Monday, October 31, 2005

Ten Steps to Insure Staff Buy-In for the Technology Projects

Everyone loves a list of 10 items. I like this gem over at Tame the web: libraries and technology.

My problem isn't getting staff to buy in to new technology (well, in some cases that's true) but I can't get the library director to buy in to anything new. And yet somehow our business office manager (who isn't a librarian by any stretch of the imagination) seems to get whatever the h-e-double hockey sticks she wants!

I know how things are run at my library. When one patron complains loudly enough (actually they don't even have to complain that loudly) the administration backs right down on any current policy and changes it without bothering to go before the board.

But I digress. I also like this summary of the 2005 Internet Librarian's Conference. I'm slightly frightened by point #2. It's still a struggle for some folks. That would be my library director. Technology is a HUGE struggle for her. Consequently, I feel like I'm trapped on a slowly sinking ship. And I just don't have the people skills to get her to see things differently.

Yes, I'm real down on my job right now. Well, it's not so much my job that I'm down on, it's that I'm not allowed to try anything new. Ugh.

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