Friday, October 07, 2005

I've decided that I must be pretty well liked at work

When I got back from vacation I had a couple of people say that they needed to see me right away. In both cases, they just wanted to "give me a heads up" regarding events that took place while I was on vacation.

I find as a rule, staff here like to "give me the heads up" on things. I may not know the lunchroom gossip, but I'm usually privvy to any library-related goings on. I think this means that people care that I'm not caught off guard when I get called on for explanations and things. And since people do go out of their way to tell me things, I figure it must mean that they like me. If they hated me, they wouldn't bother making sure I was in the loop!

So that's nice. Plus I had someone tell me that I had made a very astute observation regarding our search for a new library ILS, so I'm pretty much walking on clouds right now.

Plus it's Friday. Ah! 2:30! Slacking time!!

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