Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's a small world after all...

I never imagined that I'd ever know as much about Disneyworld as I do now.

Amongst my friends and colleagues I'm becoming something of a Disney expert. We have now visited Disneyworld three times in the last four years. Every trip has been a little different, but every trip has been completely spectacular!

Before we go to Disneyworld I always consult and The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. Both are packed with good advice about how to make sense out of the chaos that Disneyworld can be.

This time we stayed at the Caribbean Beach. I was not expecting a whole lot of the room, but it was very nice. Perfect for the four of us. We requested a room with a garden view which meant we looked out into a little courtyard.

We were in the "Aruba" section of the resort and were just a few steps from both the beach and the "quiet" pool. We did visit the main pool one day but I didn't feel that it offered much more than the pool that was closer to our room. Plus the main pool was a lot more crowded than ours.

For the most part, I liked the design of the resort. It's very spread out and divided into different "islands" of rooms. Each building is only 2 stories high so it felt more "resort-y" as opposed to a massive high rise hotel where you're just a number on a floor.

The part I didn't like was that since everything is so spread out, you pretty much have to take the internal busses if you want to go back to the main "customs house". But then again, we only had to go to the customs house to check in and then out again. Also, when the busses came through our resort, they stopped at all the stops before going to whatever destination you were going to, so sometimes it felt as though you had a long ride.

I shouldn't complain about the transportation, though. It really is fantastic. We never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a bus and all the drivers were extremely helpful, courteous, and friendly.

More about transportation later, I'm hosting Bunco this Friday and I've got to finish up my Halloween decorations before then!!

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