Monday, September 05, 2005

Finger pointing never helped anyone

I've restrained from posting anything Katrina related, because my thoughts are simply all over the map.

It's horrible. Damage from flooding is irreversible. The homes that are still standing up to their rooftops in water cannot be lived in again. Everything is going to have to be torn down, rebuilt, and it is going to take a long time for that to happen.

On the other hand, think of how much engineers have learned since the city of New Orleans was built. Think of the opportunity to build it better than before. (Hm, maybe we don't want a major coastline city to be below sea level.)

Who can predict the number of deaths related to this hurricane? I've seen figures all over the place, from 100 to 10,000. It's still too early to tell. Has anyone ever calculated the "final" death toll from the earlier tsunami? It's really tragic to think of dying from being impaled by an object in the wind, or from drowning. It's not how I hope to die.

On the other hand, death is a fact of life. Everyone alive today is going to die someday. No one lives forever on this Earth. It's sad, but it is the punishment for our sins. Only through death can we be reunited with our Heavenly Father. It's sad when people die, but necessary. (And think for every person that does die, that's one less person who will be drawing from social security. But that's not a politically correct observation to make, I realize.)

The two things that make me feel the worst are:
1. The constant, unjustified criticism of President Bush
2. JKSW and I always talked of taking a vacation to New Orleans

1. President Bush did not cause the hurricane. President Bush did not cause the looting, the murder, the filth, the whatever bad stuff. I'm so sick to death of people blaming Bush and his administration. Why doesn't anyone hold the local government responsible?? Oh, that's probably not politically correct either. The worst part is that trying to pin blame on someone, anyone -- does not help!!!

What helps is giving money to the Red Cross.

What helps is offering refuge to those displaced.

What helps is leaving your flooded house when help arrives.

What helps is employers allowing people the time off to either find family members or to go to the areas that are going to need help cleaning up.

I don't care about politics, I don't care about race, religion, age, whatever. Either you're helping or you aren't. That's says it all for me.

2. When JKSW and I graduated from Con. U. we took a trip to Boston together. It was so great that once we returned we started planning our next trip together -- New Orleans.

That was almost 14 years ago. The trip never materialized. School, work, husbands, kids always got in the way of us ever going. It makes me sad to think that even if we still got to go to New Orleans, it won't be the same city that we would have seen 14 years ago.

Carpe Diem -- sieze the day is the Fred Poet's motto. Every day is a gift. Thanks, God, for today.

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