Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Everyone needs an elf....

I just signed up for an account on Library Elf. I'm not quite sure how I feel about allowing some website access to my library account, but then again, I do have a gmail account, so I'm not overly concerned about privacy, I guess.

I do like the idea of getting "pre-overdue" alerts. Plus, I like the Library Elf interface better than the one on our catalog. I hope the library automation vendors are paying attention.

Now, I suppose the library automation vendors might counter with "but you can set up your ILS to do the exact same thing." I'm sure that's absolutely true.

I think what happens is that library directors are reluctant to changing the more traditional circulation workflow. In addition, libraries like to enforce policies across the board, meaning if one segment of the population is receiving "pre-overdue" alerts based solely on the fact that they have email accounts, then what about that segment of the population that does not have a personal email account? How do they get their "pre-overdue" alerts?

In the meantime, Library Elf is there for those library users who can take advantage of it.

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