Friday, July 22, 2005

Harry Potter and the insanely boring book

I finished reading H.P. and the H.B.P. tonight. So now I know who dies. Big whoop. I'm sorry, but it didn't really affect me at all.

J.K.R. is still using the same plot devices she has used in every single H.P. book so far. She just mixes it up a little more. In the first 5 books a whole bunch of confusing things happen and at the end Dumbledore explains everything to Harry. In H.P. and the H.B.P., a whole bunch of confusing things happen at the same time that Dumbledore is explaining still more of Harry's mysterious past to Harry.

Not that I find the plot "confusing". What I mean is that Harry and co. always seem to end up with some bits of suspicious information. A good deal of their time is spent trying to unravel the mystery of some item that they just happen to conveniently lay their hands on.

Okay, so Goblet of Fire at least had a little more plot to it. And Quidditch. To be fair, the Half-Blood Prince also has Quidditch and "snogging" in it as well. *ack* Gag me totally with a spoon.

I know that some would say that J.K.R. has crossed the line from "children's" literature to "adult" literature, but I maintain that she has merely crossed the line into "young adult" literature.

I'm quite disappointed, really. I loved H.P. and the Sorcerer's Stone, and I even loved H.P. and the Chamber of Secrets. But after that, I really felt like the quality of J.K.R.'s writing went downhill. I suppose that's not a very popular view, but it is mine.


  1. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Hey -
    Sorry you didn't like the book. I can only thank God that I was too busy to read these postings for two weeks or so - if I had gone to your link you put up on the 14th that reveals who dies, I would have been very, very angry. Just because some assholes in the world think it's OK to reveal major plot points doesn't mean you should join in.

  2. When I posted the link it was not with the intent to reveal any plot point, major or minor. I had no idea that the character referred to in the article would really be the character who ends up dead.

    I am not about revealing long-held plot secrets to anyone about any kind of book. (Or movie).

    How dare you lump me in with the assholes of the world.

    I posted the link on the 14th, but my library didn't even get our books in until the 15th! (And I didn't even get my copy to read until the 18th!!) How could I have possibly known that the article was pointing correctly to the character that would get the axe?

    You really are a jerk.