Monday, June 27, 2005

What's new??

I finished reading The Last of the Mohicans. It was so refreshing to read something that made me think, as opposed to the other drivel I had been reading. I even considered declaring this the summer of "Great Novels featuring Native Americans". But no matter what, you just can't have a book about Native Americans with a happy ending. And I don't think I can read that much "depressing" literature at once. (Or can I??)

So today I checked out All Quiet on the Western Front. Another "classic" that I've never read. One of the other librarians is supposed to read it with me.

You know what really ticks me off? The fact that when you search for these great books on Amazon, the first thing that comes up is the movie of the book. Usually it's the book that comes first!!

Oh well, the other item I checked out was a collection of Junie B. Jones books on CD. That will be fun to listen to during the long summer commute with the kids.

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