Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Waiting room from heck

So I get in my car this morning and the yellow "service engine soon" light comes on. I needed an oil change anyway, so I took it to Sears where I usually go for oil changes. They tell me that they can change the oil, but they don't diagnose lights.

Okay, fine, I'm already here, let's change the oil. The car never stopped running or acted funny anyway, so I wasn't too worried about the light just yet.

I'm told it will take about an hour and I go wait in the lounge. First the morning news finishes up and then Oprah comes on. This really is no big deal, I don't watch Oprah, but she is someone I can respect. The teaser for her show says that it's going to be a makeover show, which I think is really nice.

But wait -- it's not just any makeover show, it's: Releasing your inner sexpot! Talk about your nightmare!! "Releasing your inner sexpot" is not what I want to hear at 9:00 in the morning -- least of all in the automotive repair waiting room.

Of course my book is in my car so I can't go get it. I could have gone and hung around Panera for a while, but I had already eaten breakfast. I could have gone shopping in the mall, but nothing was open yet. I could have just called Amy or someone, but my cell phone battery was almost dead.

So there I was stuck watching women learn to pole dance, try on thong underwear and practice the "stripper walk". How humiliating.

Oh, there was one other couple in the waiting room as well. Actually, they were really nice. A slightly older couple, and the woman was very friendly. She actually made a few wisecracks about Oprah's show and I had to just laugh with her.

Still, it was so horribly uncomfortable to have to sit through the show with mechanics always passing by. Ugh.

Finally, around 9:30 the president cut in with a news conference. I've never been so glad to watch a press conference in my life!!

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  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    A) It's too bad you were in front of one of those TV's that can't change channels.
    B) I'm sure all the mechanics thought you brought the car in at THAT time just so you could watch THAT show in front of them.
    C) I actually think seeing the President lying all over again would make me more ill than the embarrassing antics on Oprah.