Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Star Wars vs. The Quilter's Apprentice

So this weekend we went to see Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. I thought it was pretty good. Amazing what 25 years of advanced in computer animation has wrought. I'm not a huge Star Wars geek, so I'm not all gushy about it. I'm glad that George Lucas was able to expand on the Star Wars world, and it was fun to see how all the loose ends got tied up. Dave said that he thought it was a little predictable, but I pointed out that of course it was predictable, we all know what happens next. Whatever. It was fun, and Hayden Christiansen is cute.

I think I was more impressed with the preview for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I know it's corny, but I got a little choked up when the Lion came on screen. But as well all know, previews can be misleading. Almost every movie looks good as a preview.

I also read a book in a day. My Mom has been trying to get me to read the "Elm Creek quilt" novels for a while. So I took her copy of The Quilter's Apprentice and read it in one day. It was as I expected. In two words, this book is: mostly harmless.

The characters are completely one dimensional, the plot is contrived, and I remain unconvinced that someone with so little sewing experience could create the quilt described in the book. It's more like the author's little fairy-tale daydream of a cute little fantasy world. People who don't want depth in their reading repertoire and quilters will probably go crazy for the book.

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  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    NONE of my comments are being posted, but...
    Revenge of the Sith is BRILLIANT. Heartbreaking.
    I thought the preview for Lion, Witch and Wardrobe looked FABULOUS. Even the midnight crowd I was with hushed up during it - one of the best previews I've seen in eons.
    What did your mom say when you laid that acid-stained review of the quilting book in her lap? Just curious.