Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More good news/bad news items

Bad news: Yesterday I took a sick day. Not a "mental health" day. Not a "I have a doctor's appointment so I'll take the whole day off" day. A full-on barfing my brains out sick day. I can't remember the last time I was so violently ill. It kind of put a kink in my plans as I had some prep work to do for a meeting today.

Good news: In between puking, I was actually able to work on the documents for my meeting and probably accomplished more because I didn't have to deal with my co-workers or other interruptions. Thus, my meeting today went off without a hitch.

Good news: The quilt top for "Ye damned quilt" has been handed off to me. Another person was piecing the quilt and then it was to be passed to me to do the actual quilting. Yes, it's a good news thing because it means that I finally get to use my walking foot (insert your own joke here, Steve.) and it means that the recipient of the quilt is one day closer to retirement and thus will be out of my life.

Bad news: I have to actually work on the stupid thing. I'm so close to finishing my hand pieced quilt. It's completely quilted and I almost have the binding sewn on completely. It really slays me to have to put that project aside to work on "Ye damned quilt".

BAD NEWS: The DVR didn't freaking record "Lost" tonight!!! It must have gotten knocked out of whack when the thunderstorm went through this morning.

Good news: There is no good news to compensate for missing an episode of "Lost". Not when there are so few episodes left this season!! Okay, so I had an episode of "House" to watch. Small consolation. Nobody I know "tapes" anything anymore. So how am I going to catch up? The worst part is that my husband didn't even pretend to be upset that it didn't record!! You call yourself a fan?? I didn't get a "harumph" out of that guy!

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