Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A few more good news items

Alright, so there are several other good news items to report on.

Last Friday we went to see "The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy". I really liked it. Oh yeah, I had "heard" that it wasn't all that good but that wasn't going to stop me. No, it wasn't some ground-breaking life-changing kind of thing, but it was extremely fun and I thought it was superbly cast. Everyone just looked like they were having fun and everything was really visually appealing.

I got to play a flute solo in church -- twice. Well, once was for a Sunday morning service and the other time was for the Wednesday chapel at school. It was really fun to get to be the one playing the flute and not always the one playing the piano accompaniment.

I finally broke down and called Gateway regarding a Profile PC that I have already had to reinstall the OS like three times. And this time I actually caught a break!! I got through right away and the techie had me run a diagnostic which turned up a bad hard disk! This is a good thing as it's still under the on-site warranty. Someone from Unisys is coming out today and installing a new hard drive for me!! Yeah!! This should put an end to the problems on that PC!!

My first grader asked me to bring her home a copy of Socks by Beverly Cleary. Awesome! Socks is one of my all-time favorite kids books. I love it when my kids read books that I loved as a kid.

And it's finally Friday. Mmmmmmm, fries......

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