Monday, April 18, 2005

What's goin' on?

Yeah, I know, no posts for a long time. So what have I been up to?

Quilting like crazy, for one thing. I've only got a few rows of quilting left to go. If I can get a nice chunk of time this weekend, I ought to be able to finish it. Oh wait, that's right. I've got a flute and piano gig Saturday afternoon and then I'm playing piano at church Saturday night. Forget about Saturday.

"Working out", so to speak. I've been better about getting back on the treadmill. My goal is three times a week and I've been doing about four or five times a week. It doesn't seem to make any difference, though, and it's so freaking BORING!

I've recently started watching "The Office" on NBC. I know that it's a rip off from the BBC, but it's still pretty funny. "Lost" has been reruns anyway, and I can't remember the last time "Boston Legal" was on. At least "House" has been a good show. Still, I feel like that's too many TV shows to watch on a regular basis.

Spring Break! I actually took a whole week off of work. One glorious week!! It was stressful because I travelled with my kids and my mother, but hey, I was still off work for a week. Ahhhhh.

Spring cleaning! I have a friend who is having a garage sale, so I filled up the trunk of my car and dropped the stuff at her house. I still feel like there is a lot of stuff in my house that we don't really need. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

Oh, speaking of work, it's been insane. Well, it is that time of year when people are figuring out that they haven't spent all their budgets yet. So it's time for me to go shopping! I interviewed for a new job, but didn't get offered the position. They could probably tell that I wasn't really serious about the job anyway.

Reading Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events. I'm up to book ten -- The Slippery Slope! These books are just fun. I had hoped to read more during Spring Break, but I ended up driving a lot.

It was my birthday yesterday. W00t! I celebrated by mowing the lawn.

Peace, love, dope!

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