Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Violence in the workplace

We're about 60 days from the end of the fiscal year, which means that the competent department heads at work are trying to make sure all their budget is spent. For me, that means purchasing and installing close to 10 computers in the next couple of weeks. Thank God for group policies!!

Yesterday I set up a new computer for the administrative assistant. She says she likes the new computer, but the printer is too "violent". Violent?? Huh? I've had people use the following words when attempting to describe a computer "problem":
"on the fritz"

But today has to be the first time I've had a printer described as "violent". So I'm thinking maybe the ink carriage is out of balance, or something just isn't seated correctly. But I went to investigate and I've never seen a printer behave in a more predictable fashion.

So I told her she basically had to live with the printer. No, honey, there's nothing I can do. We've got about 16 of the exact same model printer installed in the building and yours is the only violent one. It must sense that you're Lutheran.

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