Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Sunday I picked up this wierd PS2 title: Space Channel 5. I'd seen Morgan Webb review the GBA version of this game on Xplay, and she thought it was cool. So for, like, 10 bucks, I thought, what the heck??

Really the game idea is pretty simple. You're Ulala, a reporter and you have to defeat aliens and robots by copying their dance moves. Kind of like Simon, but much, much cooler. I mean, it's just really cool.

The game has two discs and I haven't played the second disc so I don't really know what's on it. Maybe I'll have time to play it this weekend.

Well, House should be done recording, so I can hop on the ol' torture machine, I mean, treadmill, and watch. Hooray for closed captions!!

And tomorrow is an early dismissal day for the kids, so that means a short day for me!! I can't believe it's only Tuesday. I feel like I've put in a week's worth of work already...

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