Saturday, January 01, 2005

Oh, those pesky resolutions

On one level I hate New Year's resolutions. I like to pretend that I'm "above that". I like to think I'm usually in a state of perpetual self-examination. I don't wait until once a year to look over the mess that is my life and try to improve the things that I can.

On another level, I like New Year's resolutions because they mean that people really do want to be "better" people. It means that we care enough to take some time to examine our lives and to right whatever wrongs might be going on.

On that note, I did reorganize both my "stamping and scrapbooking" desk and two kitchen drawers. I am ruthless when I reorganize. Didn't use it for like two years?? It's gotta go. Thank heaven for the freecyclers. Not all my "junk" ends up in a landfill!

On a broader scale, I did make one real resolution. I admit, I am the world's worst sender of birthday cards. Really. Honestly. I am the worst. I do actually think of people on their birthdays but I've just got some "block" or something that prevents me from putting a stupid card into an envelope and putting a freaking stamp on it and hoofing the thing out to the mailbox. This year (as I've said so many other years) I really am going to get people birthday cards -- even people to whom I have never sent a birthday card.

So if you get an unexpected birthday card this year, it might be from me.

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