Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Good things

Considering it's only Tuesday, it's still been a pretty good week:

  1. Did treadmill and situps three nights in a row
  2. Freecycled a whole garbage bag worth of stuff
  3. Finally figured out how to make closed captions appear on TV
  4. 6 PC's set up successfully, 4 more to go
  5. Got a glimpse of the new policy manual which actually allows me to enforce the group policies that I want to enforce
  6. Mailed three cards
  7. Resisted watching Desperate Housewives
  8. Watched House
Not too shabby, I suppose. The "things to look at" list at the office is still a lot longer than I would like, but what's a sys admin to do? I mean -- librarian. Yeah, that's right, I'm supposed to be a librarian. Hm, librarian, what is that again?

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