Monday, November 29, 2004

A work day in the life of me

8:10 am - "I forgot my password." *sigh* I had just stepped in the building when I was confronted with this one. Please people, can I just hang up my coat and grab a Diet Coke first??

8:12 am - "Why can't I log in?" Huh? What's wrong with you people? You've been sucessfully "logging in" for months? Turns out people can't tell the difference between logging on to their computers and logging on to Dynix.

8:20 am - Make a quick check of for the preview footage from ROTK : EE.

8:25 am - Time to add those two gov docs machines to the network. Hope this goes smoothly.....

9:25 am - Hm, that was easy. Too easy in fact. I've got all the public gov docs Windows XP logging in with group policies for desktop security. So far so good.

9:40 am
  • Handed out laptop to our "special patron".
  • Checked in with my network support guy. I've still got problems with a PC, but he gave me a couple more things to try.
  • Hey, I finally got my USB port to read from a USB drive! Woo-hoo!
  • I was ready to take the USB drive to children's to give them some photos, when they came to me reporting loss of Internet on a couple machines. So it's off to children's I go!!
10:00 am - So children's is back online again and they have their pictures. So they're happy. Time to answer some email and get another Diet Coke.

10:30 am - Okay, email's all answered. Lunch plans are set.

10:35 am - KK can't use OCLC Passport. It's a problem I know about but haven't had a chance to try my intended solution. It will have to wait for now.

10:40 am - Now Gov Docs can't print.

11:35 am - It's amazing what paper, ink and having all the #*$&(@/&#*(@ cables plugged in will do for a printer.

11:51 am - Oh, I'm supposed to search for *.cpl not *.ctl.

11:52 am - Run report of withdrawn items at Branch.

11:53 am - No items withdrawn.

12:10 pm - Okay, so I figured out why I was having problems with my last PC. Now I just have to figure out how to remove the trial software that I decided I didn't want after all. At least I was finally able to get the PC hooked up to the new server and change the print queues to the new one.

12:25 pm - JG is having lunch with me today!! Mmmmm, Panera......

1:25 pm - Hm, a little bit longer lunch than I intended, but that's okay. I feel like I have a grip on things finally.

1:30 pm - Van delivery. Got my monthly list of new subject headings to review.

1:55 pm - Got KH's Outlook working again. Still having fits with KK's PC. There's just a shred of hope left that I don't want to have to haul it off to have the OS reinstalled, and yet I'm sure that would fix the problems. What to do???

2:35 pm - Okay, that's it. KK's PC is going back to "the shop". Okay, so we'll end up paying to have the OS reinstalled, but at least it will be useable once again!!

2:45 pm - Finally figured out why I wasn't seeing the new trailer for ROTK : EE. Man, oh man, this DVD is gonna be great!!!! *sigh* Back to work....

3:35 pm - My group policy book came in today. Spent the last 50 minutes perusing the first two chapters. Now it's getting complicated. I'm leaving at 4:10 pm sharp (I hope) so I think I'll put the book down now.

3:36 pm - Got an email that there is a PC in YA that won't "start up". It will have to wait until tomorrow morning.

3:40 pm - Just realized that there are videos to be released tomorrow. Better get them ready to go.

4:15 pm - So much for leaving at 4:10 sharp! At least the videos are ready and I've got a head start on the December 7 videos.

So long!

Monday, November 22, 2004

From the "what have I gotten myself into" department...

We are now a three cat household. Three days after we got back from the most awesome Disneyworld, we adopted a cat.

He's a four month old part Abyssinian part tabby cat. Kind of gold fur with black tabby kind of markings. He's just adorable!! We named him Diego. I kind of liked the name Rascal, but I didn't want him to be a self fulfilling prophecy.

He's very social and follows me around the house more than anyone else in the family. He sleeps with me -- on my face!! That's not so great, but we manage to find a good spot for him to sleep. It's so nice to finally have a cat that actually likes me!!

So far so good with the other cats. Coconut has simply withdrawn from society, so she's about the same. Rup has come over a few times to check out the new cat, but she basically just doesn't care.