Monday, September 20, 2004

A new low

Okay, I've sunk to a new low this week. I already hate admitting that I watch Nip/Tuck and now I think I'm hooked on The Surreal Life. Ugh, it's like I can just feel my brain cells dying as I watch this dreck but I'm somehow powerless to stop it!

Worse than that, Lost premiere's this Wednesday on ABC and then the new episodes of ER start up on Thursday. That's just way too many TV programs for me to be interested in. When am I going to have time to watch The Simpsons??

My only possible "justification" for watching so much TV is that I am hand piecing a quilt right now and at least I'm sewing while the TV is on. And did I mention I'm sewing by hand?? It's just some little nine-patch pieces, but I've just got this goal of hand sewing my next quilt.

Stay tuned (no pun intended) for more details.

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