Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I finally finished going through the "school packet" for this fall. I had stopped when I got to the new dress code policy because it infuriated me so much.

Now that I took the time to really look at all the papers, I found that Hannah had gotten a certificate for perfect attendance!! She didn't miss a single day of school last year! At first I was surprised, but then after I thought about it for a while, yeah, I don't ever remember her staying home sick and we certainly didn't pull her out of class for anything. So it adds up.

I remeber a couple of mornings when she said she didn't fell well, but she did go to school knowing that she could feel free to call Dave or I to pick her up if she didn't think she could participate.

When I told Hannah about it, she wasn't even impressed! Lousy kid. Well, she did pretend to be excited for me. I figured that she'd ask for some kind of special "reward" or something, but she pretty much didn't care.

I guess that's okay. Perfect attendance to me is sort of a non-award anyway. Sometimes it's just luck that you didn't miss a day. The only reason she didn't have perfect attendance in first grade was because she contracted chicken pox. And the only reason she didn't have perfect attendance in second grade was because we pulled her out of school for a couple of days for our Disneyworld trip. Hannah really just lucked out this year.

Still, I think it's kind of neat!

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