Friday, June 11, 2004

Our library's content filtering system allows patrons to submit a "request for review" when they hit upon a website that is prohibited because of the filter. Basically, the patron may fill in a return email address and write their comments as to why they think the blocked site they hit upon should be unblocked.

The administration here has chosen to disallow email, chat, and message boards on the filtered Internet PC's. These are the most common "request for review" messages I receive. Many of the comments are as short and sweet as "screw you" (only not in such polite terms). Once in a while, though, I get a great one like the following. This is the actual message with no editing on my part.

"i think that you should be able to talk to your friend on line because it could me homework related or you could just be haveing fun so this is what i think you should mbe albe to communicate with other people on oly this compuer and the other computer for home work so that you csn injoy your self in a local library be only be able to be on it for at least a holf an horur at a time or me in less some body needs to look up some thing on the internet and you are only playing games talking to friens in chat or what not well thank you for your time if you have any ousetions than email me at"

Well,, I think you should learn how to type and spell as well as learn how to form complete sentences. Best of luck to you at your future McJob!

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