Friday, May 21, 2004

I inadvertently participated in National Carb Awareness Day.

Last night I had a big bowl of angel hair pasta for dinner. I dumped on a little Prego spaghetti sauce and loaded it up with parmesean cheese. I don't know why, but angel hair is my favorite pasta. Maybe because of its delicate size I feel like I'm eating less or something.

Oh yeah, for dessert I tried the new Ben & Jerry's Dublin mudslide ice cream. Dave bought some the other day and for some reason I had myself convinced it had mint flavoring in it. It does NOT have mint in it and is simply one of the most delectible new flavor's that Ben & Jerry have come up with of late.

At Jennifer's graduation party, Dave brought a bottle of Kahlua Mudslides. Sharon or I usually bring and devour TGI Friday's Mudslides, but I gotta say, the Kahlua version is ten times better.

Why am I waxing on so much about food and drink? Oh yeah, it's almost lunchtime and I've got Portillo's on my mind.

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