Thursday, April 15, 2004

Good reading!!

I stayed up until 12:30 am to finish On Writing by Stephen King. What a fantastic book! Fred mentioned it in an email, and Fred hasn't steered me to a bad book yet.

On Writing is like two books in one. (I read that on Amazon.) But it's true. You get these wonderful little vignettes, memories really, from King's life and then you get the low-down "on writing". (No pun intended.)

I have been a fan of Stephen King's from waaaaay back. I think the first thing I read that he wrote was The Long Walk. I can't claim that I've read everything he's ever written, but I've read the "biggies". It, The Stand, The Green Mile, The Shining, Misery just to name a few. I was recently asked to recommend a book for someone who had never read any of his books. Wow. That's a really tough one. They're all so good!!

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