Monday, April 12, 2004

Easter Sunday

Turned out to be a lot more hectic of a day than I bargained for. Church at 8:00, breakfast at another church at 9:15, music rehearsal at 9:45, played for service at 10:30. So I got home around 12:30 pm and the family started to arrive at 1:00. At least everyone brought more food than they had originally promised to bring. (Not that there wouldn't have been enough to eat!!)

Note to self: Never teach the sisters in law a game that that you don't really want to play in its entirety from beginning to end. I got caught up in what felt like a never ending card game, followed by a game of dominoes where it was insisted that we play all the way from 12 to 0 (even numbers only) and they wanted to keep score!! I used to think I had a competitive streak, but my competitive streak is nothing compared to theirs.....

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