Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I know I should be more excited, but...

there are just too many things going on, I hardly know where to begin!

1. Had a wonderful weekend with the Ya-Ya's in Normal. We attended a conference for stay at home moms of all things! Only two of the four of us are actually stay at home moms! Well, we didn't go for the conference. We went because we all needed to have some girlfriend time together. I already miss my friends again!!

2. We've got carpeting on order for the whole house. Our credit card's been charged, but we have no installation date. Grrrr. Saturday all the guys are going to start moving furniture into the garage, but we still don't have an install date!!!

3. We bought a new piano!! It's my birthday/anniversary present for like, the next 5 years. A little Yamaha baby grand. I love it! We won't take delivery until after the carpet has been installed, though.

4. We're getting a new roof due to the "hail damage". That one's covered by insurance, so whatever. I just think the insurance ought to also cover the part of our backyard fence that got blown over by the high winds we've been having! Granted, I'm staying out of these items, letting big D. handle all the details. But it's still stressing me that we're having all this "stuff" done.

5. I did have a great Sunday playing at Trinity!! I felt really confident about the songs and I thought we sounded really good! People really sang along well with "Power of Your love". I almost started crying!!

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