Friday, March 26, 2004

Awesome!! Awesome to the max!!

It's Groening's show, and now he's on it

After 15 seasons of The Simpsons, creator Matt Groening finally gets a guest spot (Fox, April 4, 8 p.m. ET/PT). “The writers wrote it in as a goof. I thought, ‘I'll show them. I'll do it,' ” he says.

He has supplied a couple of sounds — Maggie's pacifier, a Ned Flanders scream — but this time Groening plays himself. He's identified as the creator of Futurama. (He couldn't be the creator of The Simpsons on The Simpsons or “the whole universe would implode.”) Though Groening didn't draw his picture, it's closer to real life than one earlier depiction as “an eyepatch-wearing, head-shaved, right-wing gun nut.”

In the episode, Edna Krabappel runs off with Comic Book Guy to a comic convention, where Groening is autographing robot dolls of Futurama's Bender. Groening's image also appeared in an earlier episode on a wall of photos of people banned for life from Comic Book Guy's store. “I've been banned from many comic book stores,” he says.

— Bill Keveney

Actual story appears here.

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