Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Buffy the fashion slayer

I feel like I'm dressed very Buffy-ish today. I've got on a plain black knit top, a short leopard print skirt and my black knee high boots. I even ditched my bright purple Land's End parka for my black leather jacket. I feel like I could take on a host of vampires!

On the other hand, I feel a little self-conscious wearing an outfit like this to worrk. At the LIBRARY! Yet this outfit isn't as racy as some worn by members of government documents!! I'm not wearing fishnet stockings, after all.

It's not really me, though. The boots made me do it! I bought them last December at Payless of all places. (I didn't want to pay a lot of money if they didn't work out.) Now, the boots rule my wardrobe now. I can help but by tighter, lower cut sweaters to go with the boots. I own like four black skirts so the boots are perfect. I just change the length of the skirt, add a new top and voila! A new outfit!

As the spring approaches I will be forced again to take on the search for a new pair of shoes. My good ol' "taupe" shoes that pretty much go with anything have seen much better days and need to go the way of cast-off shoes.

For now, I will glory in my boots and will gladly follow where they may lead!

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