Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Think your job is bad??

I spend nearly the whole day cleaning up subject headings!! What does that mean? I stared at a computer screen and made changes like the following:

from: 650 0 Reading $v Interactive multimedia
to: 650 0 Reading $v Juvenile software

from: 650 0 Dora the explorer (Television program) $v Fiction
to: 650 0 Dora the explorer (Fictitious character) $v Juvenile fiction

from: 650 0 Arthur (Fictitious character) $v Fiction $v Videorecordings
from: 650 0 Arthur (Fictitious character : Brown) $v Fiction $v Videorecordings
to: 650 0 Arthur (Fictitious character : Brown) $v Juvenile films

Think anyone is going to thank me?? Eh?? Fat chance!! Well, they did thank me when I put [big book] and [board book] into the 245 $h of the appropriate records!

At least I have good "cataloging Karma". I pretty much overhauled the subject headings for the entire juvenile CD-ROM collection, correcting errors and making things as consistent as possible.

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