Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Snack time!

A couple of weeks ago my daughter pleaded with me to buy a bag of Swedish Fish. Since then, I've become addicted to the little things. Mmmmm. Gummy goodness! They're so darn sticky though!

I'm probably more careful than I need to be when eating them. I'm afraid that they might pull my crown off my tooth, so I don't chew them on that side. My dentist would probably give me a stern "Hmmmm..." if I even hinted that the crown didn't fit perfectly. He'd want to take it off and play around with it again and I'm just not mentally prepared to let him do that.


I am working on the clutter on my desk at work today. I finally sent a stack of books that needed "attention" back out to the shelves. That only leaves a handful of kits that I need to get rid of as well.

But that's what drives me the most crazy about this job. It's the goofy little AV items that only trickle in 2 or 3 at a time. I'd rather get 100 AV items in and spend a week on them and then have that be it for 6 months. The way it is now, I'll get like 5 CD-ROMs and I'll wait a couple weeks for more to come in and when they don't come in I say "Screw it! I've got to get these off my desk!" and then the next day I get 3 more. Grrrr......

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