Saturday, January 03, 2004

Simple Abundance

I've had this volume sitting on my shelf for a year and a half now, so it's about time I give it a chance. It's arranged to give you a reading for every day of the year. I'm not very good at keeping up these kinds of things, but that's what January's are for: trying something new and then falling quickly by the wayside.

Seriously, I like Breathnach's explanation of "simple abundance". She list:

Gratitude - pretty self-explanatory
Simplicity - the desire to clear out, pare down and realize what is essential to life
Order - the librarian in me likes this one!
Harmony - appreciate the beauty that surrounds us every day

Breathnach ties beauty and joy together, but doesn't elaborate much other than to say that once we can appreciate beauty, we will experience joy. Overly simple, perhaps, but who doesn't need to be reminded of some of the simpler aspects of life.

At this time of year and before and after birthdays in our household, I tend to do a sweep through the house of what I can clear out. Some stuff goes up on ebay, some gets given away and a lot goes out to the trash. I end up feeling guilty about contributing to the dumps of the world, though. I try to remind myself not to enter into those situations where I know I'm going to end up with tangible "junk".

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